Australian watercolour artist

Inspired by nature and handmade with love, Sydney based artist and designer, Leah Ramage creates from the heart, using watercolour as a focus, painting on trend artworks to style the home. Growing up on the Northern Beaches, Leah’s relaxed, coastal vibe is largely influenced by her ocean surroundings, endless summer vacations and the modern lifestyle. 

Leah’s Mark Illustration was established in 2016 when she picked up watercolour for the first time after working along side such creatives in her previous line of work in Trade Fairs. Being closely connected with people who shared the same passion motivated Leah’s desire to start something creative herself. 

 Through her art Leah blends design with education, highlighting the simple beauty of nature and the ocean while also educating people on animal and environmental sustainability. From the outset, she knew that “painting pretty pictures was never enough”, and her collections blend design with education to become less about consumerism and more about awareness. Leah's Mark is passionately committed to making a brighter future, by contributing 5% of her profits to Seabin Project. The soul of Leah’s Mark is to make a positive difference in the world and to leave this world a better place than we found it. It is what she call ‘ART FOR PURPOSE’.  

Leah’s passion for the environment is infectious and she captures this passion beautifully in her watercolour works. Her creative energy and eye for detail is what sets her apart. Leah’s work is well loved on the Northern Beaches and has a presence in many homes as well as cafes from Manly to Palm Beach. She has worked with like-minded brands such as The Boathouse, and Anchor & Arrow Baby, Ocean Armour, Bambini Delights and many more. 

On the horizon, Leah plans to launch her Pattern Collection, offering bespoke watercolour repeat and placement patterns for brands wanting a unique point of difference. 

Watch this space!

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