Our story


Leah's Mark is passionately committed to making a brighter future, by contributing 5% of our profits to Seabin Project we are able to help keep our oceans plastic free and our gorgeous marine animals we love so much out of harm's way! 

I love making people happy with my art but when I first started painting I knew something was missing and that painting 'pretty things' wasn't enough for me. That is when my PASSION met PURPOSE and the WHY of my business finally made sense. I wanted my art to make a positive difference in the world and as a brand we are constantly striving to leave this world a better place than we found it. The soul of Leah's Mark is to generate awareness about animal and environmental sustainability so that it becomes less about consumerism and more about awareness and drive for change. 

Leah's Mark Donation In Numbers 


Recently Leah's Mark raised in her solo exhibition 'Planet A: Interactions' $2,180  to support Seabin on their quest for cleaner oceans. 


Leahs Mark Charity donation to Seabin in numbers

 Seabin partners art for purpose