Leah's Mark

Moments Like This: Limited Edition Watercolour Wall Print

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Witnessing these gentle giants in our ocean, finding yourself eye to eye, in their element and on their terms I would imagine to be one of the most humbling and memorable moments you could ever experience. 'Moments like this' is a capture one of life's single moments in time that will change you forever. A significant time where you are filled with silence, all your head noise disappears and you are completely present. Designed and painted in watercolour with big 'pops' of blue hues to make sure your home is a happy hideaway filled with art that inspires!

Did you know that art can give you a dopamine boost?! When looking at particularly beautiful or enticing art, our brain releases a form of dopamine. In my (very biased) opinion, blank walls are a crime!! What we hang on our walls has a BIG impact on our day-to-day life and more specifically our moods. Hanging 'Moments Like This' Limited Edition print in your home will be a guaranteed dopamine hit!

All prints are printed on Cotton Artist Textured 310gsm fine art paper. Each print is a perfect reproduction of an original Leah’s Mark artwork. The papers course structured surface allows for a beautiful traditional watercolour look and feel, keeping the detail and layers of colour that is part of Leah's unique style.

Each limited edition print is numbered and hand signed by Leah, with a small embossing in the right hand corner to identify it as a Limited edition along with a certificate of authenticity. 

Each print has a limit of only 100 prints per size. Once the print shows unavailable, they are never to be reprinted again, making them extra special to own.

*All prints come unframed. 

**Please note that the print is a slightly cropped version of the original as per first image displayed


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