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North Curly Rockpool - Original Watercolour on Canvas

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'North Curly Rockpool' is part of the ‘DAYS IN THE SUN’ collection. This vibrant collection showcases our beautiful and iconic beaches of Sydney like a giant ray of sunshine with a modern take on watercolour on canvas.

North Curl Curl or 'Curly' as commonly known by locals is a snapshot of the iconic ocean pool on a typical sunny day, capturing the reflection of the sun on the water. LIGHT, BRIGHT and DETAILED, each piece invites you to imagine yourself in that exact setting, sitting poolside or standing at the waters edge at the beach provoking a sense of calm or nostalgia.

Original watercolour and gouache on canvas and hand signed. Framed in Tasmanian Oak Timber. 

Size including frame: 67 x 67 cm

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